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So,been a while since my last journal. I've been busy for a few weeks. First, I went to my friend's place in Batu Pahat, then I attended my grandfather's funeral and get myself a real short hair cut. Before the sem break came, I was addicted to a FPS (first person shooting game) Borderland. It was a really challenging game as it is not as simple as CS. It is a great game, combined with RPG and FPS features, which allowed you to upgrade and level up your character like RPG. The graphic was nice and the skills attributions were fascinating. I enjoyed the game for almost a month until I finished it three times with 3 different characters out of four. I somehow got bored as I was able to memorize every single way of breaking the game. Still, it is a great game and I really recommend it to all gunners in DA.

I got bored with the game and I moved on to another ARPG, Divinity II: Ego Draconis which I am still struggling in the dungeon. It is a game for anyone who have faith in their passions of breaking games perfectly. I kinda messed up some quest in the start of the game and missed some items and EXP points. It is a game which allow you to play character in both forms of human and dragon. You were suppose to be a Slayer who was destined to slay dragons, however, at the 2/4 of the story, you found out the truth behind the Slayer Academy as the last Dragon Knight transferred her power to you before her death. So, you became the Dragon Knight whom you sworn to kill at the start of the game. This is a great game and it has nothing to do with Dragon Age: Origins. It is a very very very hard game, which I found it is even harder than most of the existing RPGs in the market. Damn Larian Studio...... So hard...... You can also create your own pet as partner of yours on your journey of pursuing the butchering the final villain, Damien. you will have to collect limbs of your pet by slaying beast and later join them into a beast. Funny but interesting!

It is a game with great freedom, allowing you to explore the entire world (really big world). Despite the lagging of the graphic (if you set it to the highest), this is a game for anyone who love to explore and adventure.

After this game, I will then move to Prince of Persia or Dragon Age: Origins which I saw many good reviews of the game!
  • Playing: Divinity II: Ego Draconis


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happy birthday!! : D
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Thanks for the guide =D
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wow, first time people ask me something about how.

well, there are lots of useful tutorial even on Deviant Art. U can search them easily, or, you can get some books from book store.

talk a bout tips, just remember always use more than one color on a same part.
shawn2death Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Yoh! Hi there. Just wanna ask, any guide in digital painting? I'm starting those recently, and still so lost about the technique. Hope to learn more from you ^_^
Thanks ya~
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